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Design-Build is a delivery method in which the contractor and architect work together under a single contract to complete a building project. Within this system, Cardinal Construction undertakes responsibility for the entire project, including design, engineering, materials and construction. Design-Build works well for any project type. Benefits of utilizing a design-build delivery system include:

  • Faster Delivery: Unlike traditional methods, design-build facilitates a team relationship that begins at project conception. Project management is collaborative so work is completed quicker and with fewer unforeseen issues.
  • Cost Savings: An integrated team spends time seeking new efficiencies and innovations to save you money.
  • Singular Responsibility: The design team works together to develop cost estimates, project schedule, and manage performance.
  • Decreased Administrative Burden: Because there is only one contract with the design team, owners are able to focus more time on the project instead of managing multiple contracts.

Design-Build projects are often completed faster, at lower cost, and are more focused on the needs of the Client. Cardinal Construction has successfully completed several projects using the design-build delivery method. To talk to one of our specialists about your upcoming project, click here.